Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 10 a ride to Globe

Today was a ride to globe. We got onto route 60 and had hoped that, since it was a Sunday morning traffic would be light. It was pretty busy, but OK at the start. We had some climbs and stopped in Superior, where we had lunch, the first 30 miles under our belt pretty easily.

We got the report that there was construction and I decided that the best thing would be to get a ride with the van through those areas. I was very glad I did. The construction allowed no shoulder and when we went through in the van there were quite a few very impatient folks around, and traffic was heavy. So my day and mileage was short, but safe. Views were spectacular, both when I was on the bike and from the van. No complaints...this is GREAT!!


  1. Hi Lois,
    this is Lutz.

    It seems that you're on a great trip! If I was younger...

    All the best!!! Take care!!!
    Until your triumphal return!!!

  2. Hallo Lois, heute wieder ein kurzer Kommentar von mir. Wir verfolgen aufmerksam Deine Strecken. Heute hast Du sogar ein Auto benutzt, was ja auch sicherlich einmal sehr schön ist. Mache weiter so, ich melde mich wieder.

  3. well, we'll make it a family trio.

    I'm glad that you go for safety. No need to risk your health. I wish I could see all the beautiful vistas with you in Arizona.

    Wishing you continued fun and take good care of yourself,

    Oma & Opa.