Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 6 the ride from Blythe to Salome

Today's ride started with some drama. We were a few miles into the ride, in which we had left the hotel, crossed the Colorado River on a pedestrian walkway on a bridge. We saw several police cars go by with lights flashing. We got over, and entered Route 10 (once again there is no other passable roadway for our ride). We saw a fire truck go by lights on, and as we rode we saw the lights of the police and fire truck and ambulance ahead. We got closer and saw that there was a helicopter as well. In passing we saw a vehicle horribly mangled. Later we found out that there had be a police chase of this car and that the car eventually lost control and went up the grade by an on ramp and flipped. The passengers were thrown from the car and didn't make it. Of course all of us passing were worried that one of us could have been hit. Thankfully we were all just fine. That was our welcome to Arizona!!!

We went on to Quartzite in AZ, and stopped there at a cafe for very yummy sticky buns...I love riding so much, because I am not feeling at all guilty about eating all these things that I normally would "just say no to". From there we went back onto the highway, and went further down the road. The scenery is remaining incredible. It is similar to what we have seen, but there are new plants (saguaro cactus for one). The mountains change with the time of day and the clouds.

We got off the highway and had a steady gentle uphill with a headwind. We found a fun restaurant that had lots of character and found great ice cream sodas and malts. We met up with a local cyclist and his wife and they invited the three of us who had stopped to stay at their house if we needed a place. We let them know that we had rooms reserved, but it was so kind!!! Western hospitality seems to rival the Hoosier hospitality!

From there we continued (slogged) up to Hope...a little town...and from there had a downhill to Salome. Our motel was an old one probably from the '40's and as is becoming the usual, we had a great dinner.
Stats I will fill in when I check my computer!

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