Thursday, March 12, 2009

Day 7 Salome to Wickenburg

This day took us back to civilization! Wickenburg is about 60 miles west of Phoenix. It has some nice suburbs a big grocery and an "old town".
We started in the chill and stopped at 4 miles at a Cafe that was full of fun. The decoration was ...well fun...even the bathroom was unique. It had great coffee and all of us enjoyed it! From there it was 25 miles down the road to Aguila where we ate in the Coyote Cafe. The road was good and the riding very nice with mountains on either side. The temperatures stayed in the 70's and there were some clouds to keep the sun from being too bright and to give shadow to the mountais on our north.

After lunch the road got a little rough, but not as bad as our stretch the third day. The scenery was great and we got closer to Wickenburg we headed down hill. We did have some uphill before the downhill, but the grade was gentle.

I stopped with one of the other women to take a look at the old town, but didn't stay too long...we just were wanting to stop and get our showers and get going.

Dinner was lasagna (without an oven)!!! and it was great.

Stats: need to check the cycling computer...I really need to get on this!
Tomorrow is Phoenix.


  1. Lois!! Don't you wish you had been taught geography the way you are learning it now? Your trip sounds awesome! Be sure and eat enough (right)! We're so proud of you back here (and insanely jealous)! Ride safe.

    Jeff Kingdon

  2. Lois,
    I am so impressed by your strength, I've shared your blog (great name for it!) with some of my family and friends. How did you find such a great, organized tour? Whats the name of the company? I have a few years until 50 but I may consider celebrating it in this same way. You've inspired me! Keep up the great work.

  3. Your pictures add so much to your travel log. Temperatures in the 70s is unimaginable here in Upstate NY since we still have snow and it continues to be very cold. Enjoy all the delicious food, it sounds great. Stay safe, Oma & Opa.