Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 9 around town.

Today was a day to get from North Central Phoenix to Apache Junction on the South East portion. Our day started a little later than usual, since we knew that our terrain would be flat and that once we arrived at our hotel, we would not have much to do in that area. We went through Scottsdale and saw Camel Back mountain. The homes there were large and well kept and the yards were well groomed, with many natural plantings. It was beautiful to see how these plants could be used to create wonderful landscapes. The homes were usually designed to the surroundings and the color were desert neutrals.

After our first SAG stop, I headed to see a family friend. It was great to see her and her son (I dont think I had seen him since he was 8 or 9 and now he is 41!!!). We had a nice visit and then I headed out. Instead of following the route we had, my friend suggested going through the park, where there is a bike path. It has more turns and pedestrians, but was very beautiful and had almost no stops. The path went under streets, around ponds, next to golf courses.

After about 10 miles I got back on course and from there on it was city riding. The course we were supposed to take was closed off, so I went a little different way (like Indy, Phoenix is a big grid). The last few miles I came up on another rider from our tour group, and we rode those last few miles together telling our stories of the day.

When I got in a couple of the women were going to church, so I joined them. It was a nice walk over and good to be with them.

We had a dinner of Salmon, quinoa, salad and then cheese cake. Yum!!!

Stats-miles 63 very flat miles.

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