Friday, March 27, 2009

Day 21 Indian Lodge the Observatory and Ft Davis

Well, welcome to beautiful west Texas. It really is a great place. The folks are friendly, Ft Davis is a great little town, with a couple of fun shops, and a really nice library. I went down in the morning and wandered around. I went to the library to look up some ideas for words of the day...I got several fun ones.

After getting back to the lodge, I cleaned my bike and then got ready to go to the observatory.

The observatory has a nice cafe (had to include food right?), and the tour was interesting as well...Since I was so tired last night, I really couldn't even tilt my head back to look at the stars. Tonight however, I spent more time gazing up and revelling in the night sky. It was a great rest day.
Mileage: 0:)

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