Thursday, March 19, 2009

Day 14 Silver City

Silver City has a quaint old town area, with lots of galleries and some good restaurants. It is perfect for a rest day...although walking all over may not really be a rest day! I especially enjoyed a gallery of fiber art called Yello on Yankie where the artist Susan Dell Szajer had created some beautiful art with fabrics and stitches. There were also a couple of oils that I really liked. Allotta Gelato had delicious Gelato (Peach was scrumtuous). At Yada Yada Yarns, I picked up some wool and needles so I can start a scarf for my youngest who had asked me to make him one...I told him I would think of him with each stitch, he seemed to like that.

Before I headed into town, I did good cleaning and oiling of my bike, bike chain etc.

I am thinking that the rest stop could be two days, as every time I start to move, I find my legs heavy as lead...but tomorrow they will need to get going again and I am sure they will. We have been promised a really beautiful ride, if our weather is decent. It will be lots of climbing, so I am working to get my mind around that. Right now it is not the easiest thing for me.

Oh total mileage is 741 miles. I will be asking someone with a garmin what the total climb has been...


  1. HEY LOIS! Can you knit and cycle at the same time? WOW!!! Please post a photo of you "doing the Walty". murph

  2. I love the pictures. Fels like I'm along for the ride. I love the West. Keep on staying safe. Love, Oma and Opa.