Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 8 Into Phoenix

Today we got an early start from Wickenburg. The road going out was rough and had a lot of gravel, trash and glass, as well as some construction. About fifteen miles out I heard my rear tire deflating. The first took a while to fix, since the sliver of glass was well imbedded and none of us had tweezers...add that to the take with you list. The rip was significant, so I learned about using a dollar bill to keep the tube from herniating. I thankfully had several people helping me (Thank you ALL), and finally we got on the way. The ride had more interesting cacti, birds and wild flowers. The vistas were wonderful. We had some ups and downs, but mostly down hills. The ride into town was just about all down hill.

This evening we had several guests at dinner. It was fun to have some new faces and get to meet friends of friends. Dinner itself was great an Thai style chicken and rice with asian salad and fruit salad. Yum!

Tomorrow we will go ~ 50 miles and will still be in the Phoenix area. I am hoping to see and old family friend as we go through Scottsdale.

Stats: milage:67
Total miles ~425

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  1. Hey Lolo, you be careful out there kiddo - no more broken glass. Thinking about you. CBT