Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 16 Down the road to Las Cruces

The Day began with a great breakfast at the Lodge. I got off a little delayed, because, I realized right before I was ready to leave, that I had put my gloves and glasses in a bag I had put in the trailer, and that there were about 40 other bags on top. Thankfully, the woman I have been riding with, Marci, lent me extras of both, and so we were finally off...the last ones to leave.

We headed out from was a third of a mile, and then headed for more descent. So much of what we have seen is so beautiful, but this morning would be right up there with the most beautiful. Mountains were around us, and there were huge hills as well. The rising sun made everything sparkle. We had 9 miles of downhill and then a little three mile climb (I cannot believe, I am calling a three mile climb little)...and then back down again. We came down to a lake formed by damming the Rio Grande River and then followed the river the rest of the way. We had a quick SAG stop at mil 26 and then were back in the saddle for another 26 miles to Hatch. Along the way we say several chili farms, dairy farms and plenty of horses. There were Appaloosas (favorites of mine when I was young). In Hatch, we ate at the Pepper Pot, and had some great Mexican food. From there I thought it would be no problem to get the last 36 miles done, and the first eight or nine were quick, with a tailwind. The wind was quixotic and soon became a strong head wind, which we plowed into with great fortitude. We had a stop at Radium Springs ( can look that one up on the map) and from there into Las Cruces. About mile from the hotel, was a frozen custard shop where we stopped. Caliches has great frozen custard AND limeade that was very refreshing. I really didn't want to get back into the saddle (sorry to disappoint any of you who are thinking I could sit in the saddle around the clock), but the last mile had to be done and so it was.

I went to Mass this evening with one of the other women at the Basilica of San Albino. The church was beautiful, and the congregants very friendly. The Basilica is located in the original portion of Las Cruces, which dates to the 1500's. We didn't get to walk around, because dinner was being served at 6:30. We had Shepherd pie, with salad and cottage cheese with fruit. Yummy!

Mileage today 88 miles. Total miles 881...Can you believe that?????


  1. Bravo, liebe Lois, auch diesen Tag hast Du wieder gut überstanden. Ich kann mir gut vorstellen, daß Du auch manchmal froh bist, den Sattel zu verlassen und einige Schritte zu gehen.
    Mache weiter so, wir sind in Gedanken bei Dir und verfolgen alle Deine Strecken auf der Landkarte.
    Grüße von Tante Jutta und Onkel Hans-Rudi

  2. Hatch - the Chili Capitol of the WORLD - my kind of place!! It is indeed a most beautiful region. Amazing how far you have come already. Stay safe and enjoy the ride, Oma & Opa.

  3. Hey Lolo - don't forget your anti-monkey butt powder everyday. I am looking at mine as I type tonight. You be careful out there girlfriend. I remain jealous of you in my favorite part of the country.