Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day 19 Interstate 10

Some days there are just not too many ways to get where you need to go. Today was one of those days. We needed to get 74 miles down the road and much of that was....along an interstate...interstate 10, but thankfully we did have some of our route on country roads with no traffic and bucolic settings.

Yesterday the wind was so strong that our chef decided that it would be safer not to chance making breakfast in her kitchen, and so arranged for us to get our breakfast across the street at the little restaurant, Angie's.

We got up early and headed over and had pancakes, eggs and sausage and plenty of coffee. we all got on the road quickly and headed back on the street we had come into town on and then out to the countryside. Along the way we had some dogs (thankfully friendly ones) come out barking. I hopped off and those well behaved guys headed back to their homes when I told them to!!!! Wish my dog would do that.

We had the early morning sun, mountains to our left, fields around us and the joy of such a setting was great. As we went along we came along a field with cattle and calves, some horses that were up by the cattle guard, and just looked at us as if to say...we want to RUN with you!

After such a great start getting to the highway was OK. We went a short time on the shoulder and then had a frontage road. This road was chip seal pavement and, from my viewpoint, miserable to ride on. A couple of us got back on the highway and went another 20 miles down the road where we exited into the small town of Sierra Blanca.

This little town was pretty desolate, almost a ghost town. The SAG caught up with us here and we made a very quick stop and went on down the road...again a frontage road that was chip seal and not quite so rough. This time it was twenty one miles and then back onto the interstate for ten miles. It went fast and then we were off and riding into the hotel.

I had gotten a tip from a patient that Chuy's was a good Mexican place to go. We had not had much for lunch (a P B and J sandwich ) and so after cleaning up a bit, we walked a couple of blocks and had burritos with lots of iced tea...AHHHH

Mileage: 74 miles
Tomorrow we head to Ft Davis. We will be in a state park, but will not have internet access...so til Friday!

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