Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day 12 New Mexico here we come!

Today was so beautiful. We left our hotel in the cool of the morning. We had a steady, gentle climb. Now I have one word of warning to all reading this who might think of going on a trip like this or even going out for a nice afternoon ride for an hour or two....DO NOT MESS AROUND WITH YOUR SEAT...I thought I was being very wise yesterday and lowered my seat...just a tiny bit...Yikes...I had to stop twice in the first twenty miles to try to readjust and almost gave up on the ride, until I got to the SAG stop. There our tour leader, Michelle, offered to help and she readjusted the seat and I was able to ride the remaining 57 miles in relative comfort!!! So if you are thinking about it...don't do it...

So you might imagine how preoccupied I was the first twenty miles. I was, but not so much that when we were going out of town, I didn't see a dog...hackles up charging. It raced toward us (I was off my bike in an instant. It dodged through a little bit of traffic. Two young kids were trying to get it...I was worried it would bite them, in its frenzy, or that they might come out into the road. Nothing came of it, and the dog was retrieved, by an older girl. Thereafter, I was preoccupied with my discomfort, and barely took in my surroundings. The readjustment at the SAG saved my day!!! We traveled through a rolling plain with mountains off in the distance on either side. It was great. At about mile forty we stopped in Duncan for lunch at Old Jo's. I had Huevos Rancheros..I am still full, and they were GREAT!!! After that it was just 37 more miles to the hotel. Most of that ride was great. We saw a jackrabbit, which raced into the underbrush, we saw cattle with calves at a couple different points in the ride. All in all it was a great day and I just kept thinking just how lucky I am to be here doing this trip!

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