Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 2 of the ride across America

Up early again! We had breakfast in the hotel with some added protein. We headed out as quickly so we could get some of the climb behind us. We immediately headed uphill about 750 feet. From there we headed onto I8 (yes the interstate...there was no way around it). It was only two miles and halfway we had a great rest stop with beautiful vista. The scenery is breathtaking!!! After coming off the highway we continued on our way ....UPHILL....and then more UPHILL...there were some downhills as well (OK...they are fun, but really if you have to climb again...I wish that you could just do the climb and be done with it. About halfway we stopped at a diner and had 10 in the morning...It was great! From there it was a beautiful ride the mountains all around us as we rode up and up some more. Some of the uphills looked as if you would reach the summit and then you realized, no....more to climb. One interesting thing was the number of border patrol who were on the road. They were just everywhere! Now I need to be honest...there were also some great downhills...and I am learning to relax a little with them, but still go slowly.
Jacumba is a tiny town with one hotel. It has a lot of character...
Dinner was again fantastic. Our chef is Linda Baldwin and she is creative and very healthy in all she prepares and her meals are outstanding.
Again I fell into bed weary.
Stats:Distance 47.2 in 4 hours 38 minutes.


  1. Lois, I'm so happy for you, and so glad that you are off to such a wonderful start on your fabulous adventure. I look forward to keeping up with your travels.

  2. Hi Lois, You go girl!!! I'm so proud of you. Your mom, Barbara + Michael were in the Tea Room for lunch today so I got the scoop on your blog. I am going to live vicariously thru your trip! so do trek on! Love ya, Kathy

  3. Hi Lois, being the Oma of the family, it took a while to figure out how to blog. Well I finally managed. All the family members here in upstate NY wish you a wonderful once in a lifetime adventure. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Careful on those downhill rides. We send our love. In spirit paddling along with you are Oma & Opa and the rest of the gang.