Tuesday, March 31, 2009

day 23 quick trip to Sanderson

I have not had internet connections, and so today Tues, March 31, I will be trying to catch up for the last few days. Saturday we left the spa-like Gage hotel and headed to Sanderson. Our mileage was 54 miles, with the wind at out back. Needless to say, this makes for fun easy rides...it felt like a quick ride around the block. Sanderson, Texas is a small town. We found the cafe just down the road from our motel. I share a BBQ plate with Carol...not bad for a tiny little town. We headed back to the motel, which was simple and clean. Dinner was great! We were all a little nervous about about the next day....the 111 mile one. Our day was really more like a rest day, which was good, considering what was to come.


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