Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 13 The Continental Divide

Our first 14 miles were a slow climb out of Lourdsburg. It didn't feel too slow, it felt hard, but once again, it was a beautiful day and with that, one couldn't really complain. I think my body was just fatigued from eight consecutive days. As we headed out of Lourdsburg the land almost looked like what I would imagine an African savanna would be. There was rippling grasses that went for miles until the hit mountains in the distance.

As we came to about 15 miles the flora had again changed and there were trees...real trees. I have missed them! After that first SAG, we continued up with a few little downhills. It was an arduous day physically, but we had one beautiful view after another. At about mile 35 we had a few miles of, fun, fun. I thought we had finished with the uphills, but no there was one BIG climb. Now I have been using all the advice about climbing that I have gotten. One thing that works well for me is to look at the ground, because it always looks flat, and one stroke at the time, you ascend. So I got in a climbing gear, and slogged up once again. After that climb there was a nice downhill into town.

Silver City is a fun town. We turned off the road we had been on and into town. We found a great restaurant (Vicki's) and had a delicious lunch. It was very relaxed.

We then went to the hotel, and the job of getting our things in order. The laundry, cleaning the bike.

I am ready for a day off and the town will be very fun to explore tomorrow.

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