Monday, March 16, 2009

day 11 the ride to safford

Today was a beautiful ride from Globe,AZ to Safford. It was about 77 miles and started with up and down, and up and down...and up and down...We were on route 70 and it runs through a reservation. The towns on the reservation were small and seemed depressing to me. There was a lot of garbage on the sides of the road.
There were mountains to our north and south, and the one to the south had snow on its summit. As we went along we went by farmland with beautiful green crops. About 68 miles into the ride, we came to Pima. There we went to a locally run fast food Taylor Freeze. I had a Green Burro, which was a burrito with pulled beef and tomatillo sauce. It was delicious after such a long stretch. They also had ice cream. Next door was a quilting shop, so of course I went in. The owner had some pretty quilts, and was very friendly.
After our break it was another 10 miles to our hotel...and I was ready to get out of the saddle.

Stats:78.22 miles
Left the hotel at 7:35, arrived about 2:45 with 2 SAG stops, a number of picture stops, and the stop for lunch and the quilt shop...actual time in the saddle????

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