Sunday, March 8, 2009

First day on the road

Wow we finally began. I got up at 5 AM as excited as could be. I had a radio interview and then got everything together getting ready to get going.
At the ocean, I was met by a local veteran who was so kind and wished me well, for the trip. It was great to have him there. fWe dipped our bikes in the Pacific took lots of pics and we started off along the San Diego River. There were lots of water birds and beauty all around. We headed out of the city past the Padres stadium and to a park and then UPHILL. Now I live in Central Indiana...there are a few bumps in the road, but nothing like this. The classes I had taken, paid off and I slogged my way up and got to Alpine. We had a fantastic dinner and I headed to bed tired from the first big day. We had covered over 34 miles in 3 hours 20 minutes. The traffic and climbs kept the speed down. Tomorrow will hold more big climbs as we go another 2000 feet to Jacumba.

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