Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 29-Kerrville

Rest days....I like them a lot. After a rest day, the freshness of getting out on my bicycle is back and I am ready to roll. This morning, I went to church with two of the other women. On the way back we got breakfast in the Hill Country Cafe a great little cafe in the old part of town . As we walked back we saw a bookstore. Yeah! It is just fun to wander around. I got a book for the group, "The Glass Castle".

Our three mile walk back was so nice. It was cool and pleasant. Having a different movement was great!

The remainder of the day was just very relaxed with not too much to report. I feel rested and ready for the next days.

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  1. nice book. I'm sure your group will love it. However, when is there time to read?