Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 39 Wow across the Mississippi River

I have been off the grid for a couple of days and am writing this now three days after. This was a wonderful day. we headed out from Lafayette. I had hoped to capture some images of scenes similar to what we had seen on Sunday, but it was radically different. The rice paddies were rare and at a distance, and the crawfish farms were just nowhere to be seen. That said, the ride was a good one and the country side beautiful.

At about mile forty, had a SAG stop and waited for everyone to catch up. We crossed a bridge (pretty steep grade) and once again assembled with our sag wagon and then crossed over the four mile Morganza spillway. This roadway has fast traffic and absolutely no shoulder and a guard wall to boot. The SAG followed all 12 or so of us that were together across...we went in two lines and one of the women had mentioned an old song...."the ants come marching...." and that was ALL I could think of as we crossed...that and how funny it was to watch the different ways people ride.

After we crossed the spillway we headed onto wonderful country roads. We zipped along, heading to
Not your Mama's Cafe....and since I was getting hungry (when am I not hungry???_) I was wanting to move quickly. I did enjoy the cypress trees and the boggy areas and the many farms. About five or six miles before we got to the Cafe, we had a DOWNPOUR!!!! Not a gentle rain, a pelting, drenching one. The good news is, I love rain, when it is warm, and it was warm and lovely. This was my first time riding in the rain. It was a good first time. The ride was nice, and there was almost no traffic and after a few miles the rain stopped. Of course the countryside after a rain, has a very special scent and feel and this too I love. Riding in it was great!

So after trying out my brakes enjoying my first rain ride I finally got to the Cafe, which is just over some railroad tracks. This little cafe is located at a gas station. The food was GREAT and the decor very fun. I had a crawfish Po boy....Yummy!

After leaving we had about 15 miles until we reached the ferry to cross the Mississippi. This was a flat and quick portion of the ride. We also saw some huge old live oaks that were just incredible.

The ferry ride was quick and before you know it we had crossed the Mississippi an were in St Francisville. On the ferry a woman came over and introduced hersef...Georgia, who had just completed a woman tours in the LA region. She was warm and friendly and knew a number of the women on our tour, who she had previously toured with.

St Francisville is an old town on the Mississippi, that is worth a visit. It has many historic homes, and a great church graveyard. We rode through and headed north of town to the Butler Greenwood bed an breakfast. This B&B is set back off the road with a broad allee of live oaks leading up to the main house. This home dates from the 1790's and the same family has lived in it since it was built. The outbuildings, which were much more recently built for the most part are the B&B. Most had a couple of bedrooms and kitchen facilities. It was just a perfect place to stay and if any of you readers are in this area STAY HERE.....It is actually well worth a trip here for a quiet visit.

After settling in and cleaning my bike, we had a good dinner of chicken curry and rice and broccoli.

Miles 88

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