Thursday, April 16, 2009

day41 more of English Lousiana

Heading out from the B&B was hard for was a place I would have liked to have stayed a while, but the tour must go on, and so we did. We headed out onto a couple of miles of construction and then into nice roads and through small towns. Folks are friendly when you stop and interested in just what would possess us to do such a trip. At this point in the trip, we have come far enough that when you tell folks you started in California six weeks ago, there jaws drop...and their eyes grow wide...

The roads went past farms and fields and a prison with workers. Traffic fluctuated. We hit several towns including Zachary and Watson. In Watson, which was about mile fifty or so we went slightly off route and found a crab shack which also had......boiled....craw Marci and I got a couple of pounds with corn on the cob and sat out front on a truck running board and worked our way through was SO good and I felt great as we headed out. I think the lack of fried food was very good for energy levels. We continued through country with pine forest and some farms. Some of the roads were well traveled and others not too much. There were some dogs...none too aggressive.

Now as we travel, most people are friendly or at least respectful and cautious of us. Occasionally there are folks in some big hurry and they fly by us a little too close for comfort...and then there are those that are just rude. Yesterday, I had someone like that....I had a milkshake thrown at me....and they hit the bike. What a huge mess that was. There was milkshake splattered all over me and the front part of my bike. Oh rinsed off and when we got in I gave myself and the bike a bath...just sad to think people would behave like that.

We got in with 89 miles behind Hammond, LA.

We had vegetable chili...(chili with lots of veggies) a big salad and banana bread and strawberries for dinner. The strawberries were brought by Heidi, who is a reporter for the Hammond Sun Times. She had met several women along the road and then met up with everyone for dinner. She brought a flat of berries...a BIG thank you for that. They were fresh picked from a UPick that was en route.

Days like this one are really what give me such joy in the ride.

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