Sunday, April 5, 2009

day 31 off to Bastrop

A ninety mile ride still puts butterflies into my stomach. Maybe it won't always do that, or maybe when it is an unknown ride it will. The area out of Blanco was more of the country roads we had had yesterday. We started out at dawn and as we headed east there was already a good breeze that came as a tailwind or a crosswind. As we rode we could see hills in up ahead of us. On the left were telephone poles with shimmering silvery wires measuring out the road on our left. The colors of the early morning are soft and muted and hills are flattened by the angled light. The birds sang joyfully and seeing riders cued up in front.

As usual we rode through little towns. Wimberley (most of the shops were closed) Kyle...where we saw a crazed driver of a pick up with a flat bed and an old RV thrown on top looking like it could topple off on anybody or anything it passed, and the Lockhart. Lockhart was by far my favorite of the towns. It looked like a town that had started in the late 1800's or early 1900's with a beautiful large old government center in the center of town and old brick building surrounding the town square. Coming into town were large homes that were probably built for the successful town fathers as well as quaint and homey cottages and bungalows. One of these, as we headed out of town had a front yard that was literally filled with flowers: poppies, salvia, with lots of others thrown in.

We headed out of town and found our way to a DQ (all the little shops were closed on Sundays) it was a chicken sandwich with Jalitos (fried jalapenos)...not bad!

The last thirty miles were just miles to get through. The road was narrow with no shoulder and too much traffic for my taste....but get through them we did...

Dinner was BBQ with coleslaw fresh fruit salad....yummy!!!

Mileage:89.2 3 miles less than what our cue sheet said and that was a good thing.

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