Thursday, April 23, 2009

day 49 90 on SR 90

Today was billed as 90 miles on State Route 90...and that is what it was. We left early and took some neighborhood roads from our hotel back to SR 90. From there it was a day with some rolling hills, some flat, good road surface, sunshine (we are in the sunshine state), a little tailwind....delightful scent of honeysuckle that wafted around us. We had several SAG stops and we also made a convenience store stop for chocolate milk.

We didn't do any stopping or picture taking...retrospectively I should have. There were ponds with waterlillies and that would have been is hard to make yourself stop when you know you hve a 90 mile least for me.

We got to Marianna in good time. The town has an historic area with large victorian homes and some that looked to be even older....then it was into the fast food/ Wal Mart zone...oh well...

Mileage 90

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