Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 38 Storms and Such

It seems that Sundays are a day for tough rides and bad weather. Not that I am superstitious, it is just that this is the third Sunday that was less than ideal. We knew that a big front was coming into Louisiana today, with predictions of storms, and wind and even possibility of tornadoes this afternoon.

Now, I am ALL about safety and with my experience on a bicycle being just about all fair weather until this trip, I had my concerns about heading out into weather that could be dicey. The others reasoned with me, though and convinced me that at least starting out was the way to go. So I left with a couple others, and we ate a quick breakfast bar (not the Easter Buffett of biscuits ad gravy offered by the hotel) and headed quickly out of town. We learned within the first ten miles that folks here don't fence their dogs...and some of them seem to have a preference for pit bulls....sometimes a firm STAY seems to work....and my how adrenaline can get you moving. Dogs know there territories and at least those are limited. I am even finding that I LOVE fences and even chain...poor pooches....I don't really like to see them chained, but I really DON'T like them chasing me.

The wind quickly picked up and we were headed into it or had a cross wind. For whatever reason, my legs were leaden today and of all days. I had a hard time staying up with Marci and Sherry, with whom I was riding. We tried putting me in the middle of our little pace line, and even a modified echelon, but I kept falling behind. Part of the problem may have been that I was a little dehydrated. Who knows. After the first SAG, we had a little rain, and heard some thunder. We continued on....not much else to do.

The van came by and stopped to ask if we wanted a ride...basically this was the only chance we would have for a couple of hours. I took that offer. I was holding the others back and was just feeling like I was repeating my 100 mile day with the fun and in todays case, I was worried about the weather being unsafe....and I was also thinking that I wanted to not be overly fatigued for tomorrows ride, which is supposed to be a nice one and with much better weather.

To be honest, I had mixed feelings....but once in the van, realized, I was just very fatigued. I had spent three hours on the bike and gone almost forty miles...still not too bad.

When we got in, we were hoping to find Crawfish. Did you know that Louisiana has the largest numbers of acres devoted to crawfish farming in the country? These little creatures are wonderful delicacies....and I am patiently waiting to sit down and it a big bowlful. Today as you all know is Easter, and most all restaurants were closed. So no Crawfish today. We did fine a Cajun restaurant with a buffet and that was pretty we were all quite content after that meal.

The winds and weather got worse and our leader Carol, retrieved most of the riders. Only three completed todays ride. Two were the women I was riding with....Yeah Sherry and Marci and the other was the other Lois! Amazing!!!

This evening I did get to church with Mary Jo and Sherry. It was a lovely service with great music...It was a nice end to the day and special to get Easter in church, which I had thought would not happen.

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