Wednesday, April 8, 2009

day 33 country side!!

Well Washington county is where we spent a good bit of time and we had heard that it was wonderful, and it lived up to the expectations. It was a wonderful ride. We almost immediately headed off to country roads. We went through the town of Round Top (population 77). It had some old buildings and beautiful farms very picturesque. From there we continued into the countryside with blue bonnets, Indian paint brushes as well as evening primroses EVERYWHERE!!! The farms, with white or wood fences are home to cattle and horses. This is my type of place. I just kept wishing that the day would go on forever and that I could ride and ride those roads. It was a day to amble, in a cycling sense.

We went through a little town of Independence, where there were old stone buildings and then on and on in countryside.

Coming into the town of Navasota had to be a bit of a let down after a day like that, so the route prepared us, by taking us back onto a more travelled road, with NO shoulder on the little is the type of riding that gets you from one place to another, not something to savor, and from there we found Navasota, and then our hotel.

Yummy dinner, as always, and a rest day to come...Yeah!
Mileage..64 ish

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  1. I hope you get a chance to see the evening primroses opening at dusk. It's so beautiful to watch the delicate flowers unfurl their delicate pedals. Enjoy the rest day, Oma.