Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 32-Bluebonnets at last

Today was a ride to La Grange...home of Weikel Bakery, where kolaches are made and noted by Gourmet Magazine. It is also the first day where we have seen the Bluebells en masse along the highways. How great could this all be? For those of you who may be wondering about Kolaches, they are like a pastry, with a very tender soft dough and the filling on top. This is not exactly what you get in the Kolache Factory stores, they are better. I got one with poppy seed and one with peach, and was wishing I could try each flavor! They were great!!! They also had pigs in a blanket, where a sausage was baked into the kolache dough.

So you are probably thinking....enough with this a food trip??? Well, perhaps it is!!! I am certainly trying the local foods and eating as much as I can hold!!!

Today I am focused on the food and the flowers, because I woke up with a tummy-ache and the consequences of a riding was not for me today. I was SO disappointed, since we quite a build up to a fun ride in a park and after all the traffic of yesterday, I was excited that I would be in a park and then off on country roads. Well, contentment is a skill to practice and so I found wonderful things to be content with. I had time to read and finish a book this morning, I spent time with Linda our chef, who drove the van, and then our new leader, Carol Wilder...a fascinating woman...more on that in another blog....and then just getting to rest and recuperate, get laundry done and see the little town of La Grange, and mail off a package of stuff home. Finally, the wind was blowing and I missed that...of course it happened to be primarily a tail wind!!!! Oh well....

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  1. there will be more tail winds, don't worry. The food sounds great!!