Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 30 in the country

What a fanstastic may have just become my favorite to date! We headed out of Kerrville with overcast skies and on a loop around the city..nothing to interesting there. The good thing is that it took us out of the city quickly and we were soon riding on counrtry roads with very little traffic, and criss crossing over the Guadaloupe River. There were tree lined roads with ranches on either side. Livestock grazing in bucolic landscapes.

The river was beautiful as well. The trees lining it had roots that intertwined. The waters were clear. The road dipped down as we approached the crossing. Since there has been so little rain in months, we could cross and then pop up the other side.

As we wound our way through these roads, we had birds chirping and singing...and scents of spring...the warm earth, new growth on trees, with some hints of last fall's leaves still in the air occasionally. The sun was warm and everything was just delicious.

The little towns we went through were quaint: Comfort (great name isn't it?) had older cottages, Waring, and then Sisterdale with a little cafe and a winery, complete with painters out front. Next to the winery were two burros, very friendly looking for food and a little pat or two.

The last twenty or so miles were all farmland. We saw goats, sheep, cattle, (some great big longhorns and longhorn calves), horses and even a farm devoted to rescuing animals....A couple of kids were on the road riding horses....

As we came into town we were famished. The first restaurant we saw we stopped at...I got the cowboy burger....a big ole burger with cheese, bacon and lots on BBQ sauce on it...I think I will make these when I get home.

Mileage:64 warm and wonderful miles.

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