Thursday, April 9, 2009

Day 35-a surprise visit

Well, my day started out with a quick departure, in order to get to our destination of Cleveland,TX in time to meet up with the President of the Texas PVA, David Fowler as well as several others associated with PVA. My fallback plan, in case I couldn't pedal fast enough was thought out with our leaders: they would pick me up as they passed, around mile fifty or so. That position fell through, with van that was needing more repairs than they had expected. So off we went....
pedaling along the route. At mile four one of the other women had had an accident and her bike was needing to get to a bike shop for repair. We stayed until Marci's friend, who was visiting her, came to the rescue. Then onward, with only quick stops for water and snacks.

The day was overcast, and stayed comfortable. We had a few sprinkles of rain. The route was through the Sam Houston National Park. There are now lots and lots of pine trees and there is a new wild flower that looks like a red bottle brush.....Just lovely.

When I got in the folks from PVA were waiting. What wonderful encouragement for me. They shared their time, and stories with me. David and Evo told me how the Veteran games were turning points for them and it gave me goosebumps to think of the opportunity we have to help newly injured men and women to get to the games...a place where they can see wwhat they can do and to meet others with similar injuries and disabilities, that are able to encourage them. My hope is that others will visit the PVA web-site at and there read more about PVA and what their contribution will do.

After my new friends left, I got my shower, and then there came a knock on my door....I opened it and could NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. There stood my dear husband Ralph. He had flown down to visit, arranged for friends to take care of our boys, and he had not slipped with a word of it!! What a fantastic surprise.

Mileage 72.
No photo card had some problems...more will come tomorrow

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