Saturday, April 11, 2009

Day 37 Out of Texas and into Louisiana

We left Texas today after over two weeks of enjoying this state of so many different regions. It was fun and I will want to visit again. In fact I have a list of places I think my family would enjoy.

The terrain today was much like yesterday for the first thirty miles. It is flat, and roads are straight. We saw many small run down homes where it felt desolate and depressing. Then had miles of pine trees that serve as a huge hedge at the side of the road. After forty miles we left Texas crossed a bridge into Louisiana.

The roads immediately changed. They were rougher, and had not been resurfaced. The shoulder was littered with gravel and glass. There were numerous small bridges that had no shoulder. Swampy areas were under these bridges. We turned off the busier street and into a back country road. These area were at first also somewhat desolate. There were areas where the pine trees had been clear cut leaving barren areas. These sights gave way to fields and cows and farms and then this lead to suburbs with homes on acreage and then into town. We had two larger bridges to cross. One was a draw bridge and the other was about a mile long, perhaps a little longer. Once into town, the ride as it often is, was one the took us past fast food, strip malls and finally to our hotel. We are very close to I 10..which we have followed almost since the beginning....sometimes closer, sometimes further away.

Our Mileage today was 77 miles and we completed it in about five and a half hours of saddle time.

PS the picture is me leaving Texas...there was no Welcome to Louisiana there you have it!

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