Tuesday, April 21, 2009

day 47 The last frontier, Florida

Today we entered Florida!!!! Our last state. We crossed Mobile Bay on a ferry, and it was a smooth and pleasant ride over from Dauphin Island. I took plenty of pictures and when we docked, we all headed out onto smooth pavement with a little tailwind..yippeeeeee!!! It has been a while, since we had a tailwind. Between the surface and the wind, we just flew and could enjoy the beach houses and intermittent views of the water.

We got to Gulf Shores quickly and there was not much traffic andwe had a bicycle lane...what more can you ask for. We continued to clip along. We...actually I, slowed down when we had a couple of bridges and then zipped down the far side.

We got to the Naval Air base turn off and decided that we had plenty of time to visit. It was WELL worth it. Security allowed us to park our bikes right inside the doors, and we headed to lunch at the cafe and then looked at the museum. There were plenty to look at and even the flying tigers were represented...

I was with two other women, Sherry and Ann, and all of us got a little chilled and cut our viewing a little short. The rest of the ride was just as great as the beginning....winding along on smaller roads, that had light traffic with tailwinds...NO COMPLAINTS from me!

Even with the late start, and the stop at the museum, we got into the hotel with plenty of time so I ambled across the street to get a Dairy Queen Blizzard and then sat myself down to do my blog work.

Now there is a fun thing happening at our hotel...a reunion for USS Intrepid WWII ....there are a lot of men enjoying themselves. That was fun to see.

Miles 57 average speed 17 mph (yeah tailwinds)

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