Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 42 Bogalusa

What a great name for a town....Bogalusa....we have friends whose dad was born here, and the name is so great, I was excited to get in. We are unfortunately on the highway and there has not been too much to see, so perhaps in the morning...?

Our day started out with wonderful weather and a few miles of backtracking. Thereafter we were on mostly smaller roads with little traffic. We passed a Global Wildlife Center, which has grazing animals and looked to be a stop for school kids with busses galore. We went through the town (I never really saw much of a town) of Uneedus and there was the superdomw...of Uneedus (see photo). We went through pine forests, some which had been logged and by farms and homes. It was lovely countryside.

My big news it that I had a flat on the rear...first one since the second with all the junk on the road...I just must have been lucky. It happened on a very quiet lane and was changed quickly with Patty cheering me on. From there it was about seven or eight miles into town and our hotel.

Mileage:59 a rolling rest day.


  1. Thank you for this great blog about your journey across the United States in support of paralyzed veterans!

  2. Lolo - I will certainly keep my eyes peeled for news of a crawfish shortage of unknown and mysterious origins. It will be our little secret!Thanks for the facebook note on my test - so glad to have that over with. Make sure you keep our next trip in mind as you test drive all of these wonderful places. Love you - Carol