Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 48 Nice ride

Florida is nice for bike rides...this is my experience thus far. The road surfaces are generally smooth, so far we have decent shoulders for the most part and the country roads, don't seem to have too many dogs. The sky today was as blue as could be with no clouds anyplace. The humidity was low and the temperature moderate. There were a few rises and falls in the roads, but that added some interest. The pine forest was open enough to be able to see a distance. Nice ride!

The short ride allowed for a lunch in town (Eggplant Parmesan), laundry at the hotel and a relaxing afternoon catching up on things.....

We have a birthday today....Elisabeth' we will celebrate at dinner.

We rode 55 miles today. Just kind of relaxed riding, no need for speed on such a short day. Tomorrow will be a long one, so a rolling rest day was just what the doctor ordered.


  1. Hi Dr. Buschbacher,

    Been thinking about you and wishing you well. Sure am envious of you getting to eat all that great seafood! Yummy!!
    Thanks for all you do for veterans.


  2. The seafood is indeed great....but I think my favorite is the craw fish...not technically from the sea...but they sure taste as good as any shrimp...

    It is my joy to work with you know:)