Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 43 WIGGINS, MS!!!!

Our day actually started yesterday with our map meeting. This was the first time that we were given a short and a long option (the long being nine miles longer than the short). I looked at it and thought brainer...the short of course. Discussion ensued. The short route was twenty three miles on Rte 26 no shoulder and heavy truck traffic. One of our participants had done this ride before and she is not one to say much negative, and she informed us that this was a miserable route....the longer route was less travelled, but there was talk that this is where someone got bitten last year...
Marci and I decided that being bitten by a dog was better than being hit by a car (worst case scenarios of course) and so we rode out with our plan. Now to complicate things, the weather was a little questionable. Possible we wanted to get on the road and of course had rain gear with us.

We headed out of Bogalusa and in a few miles were crossing the border into Mississippi. The scenery didn't change much, and the road surfaces were variable. As we got out of town and onto country roads, we had some that had quite a few dogs. Most stopped with a firm and loud STAY and/or a loud whistle. We did have a pit bull that surprised us...but it just went to the property line. These were all in the first half of the ride. We were both anxious to get the ride done, so no dawdling today.

We did go the country, less travelled route. It was a very nice ride. Most of the mileage was through pine forests, some of which had been clear cut, but much was just forest. I kept my whistle ready, but didn't need it once. Some of our road surface was pretty rough....but that didn't last too long. We had hills, and of course that means DOWNHILLS as!!!

We were very focused today and got to the hotel a little after noon...Marci and I were picked up by my friend Katy. We went to the Whistle Stop Restaurant in town and had fried green tomatoes and shrimp Poboys....I am glad I am biking so much....otherwise all this food would just be making me balloon.

Time was a little tight, so after lunch I didn't run errands with Katy as first planned (picking up dogs from the vet and bringing them to the pound), but went to visit with Henry and Constance. It was great to see these dear friends. It had been much too long. We had a nice visit with coffee and cake, while Katy picked the kids up from school. H&C were very interested in the trip, and we loved talking about it.

After Katy and the kids came, we headed off for the farm. Katy has started a rescue for dogs in Stone County. This is looing like a full time job to me! She was on the phone with the vet the sherriff and with some folks interested in adopting dogs. She is trying to get an animal control officer and is also working on education...immunization of animals and neutering...
At the farm, we were greated by the dogs...all eleven of them...these are a great group and are all rescue animals...two are being fostered and are pups. The kids were so excited to show us the farm and introduce us to all the dogs.

Grace drove us around....and then Noonie took us...he was having a blast, but got the RTV fun fun...

Life on this farm is one adventure after another....we had a great time, and it really added to the trip.

Mileage: 60miles

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