Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 40 Old plantations

My day started awaking to birds favorite way to get pulled out of bed. I got some breakfast and then wandered around the grounds a bit. I saw Humphrey, who is a very regal fellow...a peacock and as with all peacocks, iridescent colors. He was just hunting up bugs and was happily wandering around. There were also ducks by the pond and mist that was rising from the pond. I got some pictures and then at 9AM, went with about half of the women on the tour, to tour the Butler house.

This house is one of the earlier ones and the architecture was not grand or auspicious, but warm and welcoming. Our guide, the current owner and seventh generation of Butlers did great job. We saw the library, music room, parlor, dining room and two bedrooms. In the library was a glassed area in the floor to allow us to see the wine cellar. There were lots of interesting details, from the cypress flooring, to the original furniture found though out, to the windows on the front of the house.

After this tour, I headed out with Jan and Marci on our bikes into town and then with Jan to visit Rosedown another plantation, which is now run by the state park system. This plantation was built quite a bit later and was in the Greek revival style. It is more what you think about when you think of plantations. The tour was interesting and I would highly recommend it to any of you who enjoy history or just beautiful places.

After the tour, we rode back into town and went to lunch...more crawfish for me....can you EVER get enough? Then Jan and I wandered through the town itself and spent some time in the cemetery....this was quiet and interesting.

We met back up with Marci and headed out to Oakley plantation,where Audubon had done a lot of his work with birds. It was further away then the maps or others had indicated, so we just went through the grounds, and looked around in the museum...and then headed back to our B&B.

I really could have used at least another day here, there was still much more to explore, so it goes on the to do list!

Dinner was at Oxbow a nice place with guessed it Crawfish Etoufee.....I think I might singlehandedly be able to wipe out the crawfish population! was an off day, but the only transportation was my steadfast Gunnar!

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